Copenhagen Violates Female Rights!

The city of Copenhagen refused to take action to end blatant discrimination against females. Copenhagen will not install gender-equal crosswalk signals on grounds that this significant blow for equality is not worth the effort. The city government refuses to install crosswalk signals showing a dress-clad female figure. “It’s not that we’re against the idea per se, but we’d rather try to do m ore concrete things to promote equality between the sexes.” Yeh, they want to do things like getting women into higher level executive positions or extending paternity leave, but how could those minor examples of equality compare to having a female figure being displayed every day in the cause of safety?

This just goes to show how man continue to focus on the wrong things when it comes to female equality. We need female figures on those traffic signals. It will inspire young girls not only to walk safely, but to feel pride that women are directing traffic, not men!!