Cops As Criminals

New York City undercover Detective Wojciech Braszczok was apparently part of the motorcycle gang that pursued an SUV whose driver was spooked by the gang and attempted to get away from it. It is still unlcear what fightened the man who was with his family, but he drove away from the gang, was pursued,and during the moments of fear he hit one of the motorcycle idiots which led to him being beaten by the group in front of his wife and child. During this beating our undercover cop did absolutely nothing, and there is even evidence that he pounded on the car. There is no doubt if an undercover policeman sees a crime being committed his responsibility is to quickly contact his superior for aid and then go to the assistance of those being assaulted.

This is one undercover cop was a coward, a liar and a coward for failing to aid someone being beaten. Fortunately, most NYC police men are decent hard working servants of the citizens of New York. How can a cop witness a man being beaten in front of his family and refusing to offer aid. At least a phone call??