Cops Provide Free Pot!

There is good news from the city of Minneapolis for anyone who seeks to get high and do it legally. Back in 2011 some people in the city of Minneapolis were protesting as part of the Occupy Wall Street theme that had initially been born in New York City. Police grabbed a few protesters, took them to a warehouse located next to the airport and got them high on pot. It was part of a police training program to assist officers in their work with drug addicts. The goal was to make policemen more effective in spotting those high on pot. The subjects, in this case, the subjects were not only a subject in a crime case involving unlawful entry onto public property, but also subjects in police experiments.

Normally, when people make such outrageous claims against our boys in blue, I shake my head in laughter as another example of paranoid behavior. You know how LIBERALS blame the police for things they never did. It turns our that US District Court Judge John Tunheim believes the plaintiffs have a solid case and is allowing their lawsuit to proceed, much to the downcast policemen who once were high for pot.