Cops will Be Cops

As we observe black people demanding their right to be treated as human beings rather than as members of a sub class, their is a tendency to blame such actions upon “white racism.” Let me argue that police behavior is common among police because they are in the role of a policeman. Black, white, pink, yellow, tan, whatever, when cops encounter a crowd, their natural tendency as policemen is to become frightened, and blast away. In the summer of 2012 in South Africa, black policemen found themselves confronting striking miners. Police demanded that strikers depart the scene and go home or head straight into the mines. Miners wanted increases in pay and better working conditions so they refused to budge. Within a few moments, police began to blast away and soon 34 miners lay dead on the ground. Police were black and dead bodies were black.

One miner recalled attempting to hold up his arms and surrender only to discover that police were still blasting away. “We became afraid of surrendering because we would be shot.” Such were events in Marikana, South Africa in August, 2012. Unfortunately, a similar event happened in August, only it was August, 2014. In 2012, police were black and in August, 2014 they were white. This suggests the problem is not merely skin color, but training and practices of police–throughout the world!