Copy Cat Killer Meows Nonsense

There is something rather strange in America when young people vie with one another as to which one is the greater killer. No doubt, a culture which glorifies guns and killing and “my right to shoot the hell out of anyone I damn well desire,” is bound to excite those who might otherwise not be interested in displaying their manly attributes. Each day we witness another example of a student who bursts out on Facebook or other social media in order to make certain one and all know that he is a real killer. Perhaps, the unusual aspect of these killings is the desire of the killer to glorify his act prior to committing the act. The closest example of such behavior is found among Muslim jihadists who become suicide bombers.

Keshav Bhide, a student at the University of Washington make clear to fellow social media folk that “Everything that Elliot (Rodger) did is perfectly justified. I am the next Elliot Rodger and guess what I’ll do the right way this time. I’ll make certainty kill only women.” Well, that is reassuring news–for men, that is. Another NRA follower, another young man who would shit in his pants if he ever encountered someone with a gun pointed at him.