We initiate a new series which focuses on how the corporate world rips off its customers and allows the bureaucracy to dictate policy. We welcome any story from anyone. We prefer if no names are used nor threats made against any person.

My Tale Of Woe With Best Buy

I obtained an update on my cell phone from a Best Buy store located on Manchester Road in Chesterfield, Missouri. I forgot to take my cell phone on vacation so it never was used. I returned and discovered it was not working. Up I went like a fool to Best Buy. I spoke with a young woman in the cell phone section of Best Buy who said I was four days overdue on my warranty. I asked to speak with a store manager and she told me that she did not work for Best Buy and suggested I hop over to an AT& T store.
Off to AT&T. They informed me she worked for Best Buy. And suggested I return and speak to a Best Buy store manager.
I went over to the Customer Service counter where a young lady listened to my tale of woe and said she would get me a new phone. She asked me to go home and get the charger and the box in which the cell phone had been packed. Off I went.
I returned and encountered another young lady. She informed me that my cell phone had to be sent out for repair and it would take a month. The top store manager arrived, asked me to lower my tone of voice and said the phone had to be sent out for repair. Just at that moment the young lady who sent me home arrived on the scene. I asked her to tell them she had assured me a phone would be waiting for me when why I returned from home, with the charger and the box. She looked me straight in the eye and denied sending me home to get the box and charger. The store manager chipped in with: “if you could do without a phonefor thirty days, what are you complaining about?” At that point I asked for the address of corporate headquarters and was informed it was not the policy of Best Buy stores to reveal the address of corporate headquarters. She suggested I contact Customer Service.

I contacted Customer Service and a person said they had a record of my complaint. I asked to speak with someone about my complaint and she responded: “We have you complaint on file.” I again asked if I could speak to someone about the complaint and she again responded: “It is in our file.” I asked what was done with complaints that were in the file and she responded: “They are in the file.”
I asked if I could speak to someone with authority and she told me to w wait. After eleven minutes I hung up.

Such is my woe with corporate America. If you have any such tales, please contact me and I will post it on this blog.

Oh, if Best Buy has any complaints about this story I will file their complaint in my file of complaints.

  • Carol Beckham

    I am writing a letter to corporate right now and if I don’t get any thing done I am calling Visa and raising hell to get the charges reversed. Also the BBB is going to hear about this. I bought a $600 piece of junk computer.

  • Tina Posey

    I too am having a difficult time with Best Buy taking responsibility. Three years ago, I purchased an $1800 washer/dryer pair (+ a 5 year warranty). The dryer stopped working in August and it took 2 weeks for Best Buy to send out a Technician. It gets better – the Technician came to my home to repair the dryer and started a fire in the electrical outlet. He removed the cover exposing live wires and proceeded to move the dryer causing the venting tube to come in contact with the live wires causing a fire. Thankfully my Husband was standing there and put the fire out because the Technician had absolutely no clue what to do. It has been 4 weeks now and all I’m getting from Best Buy is the run around. I’ve been transferred from one Consumer Relations person to another – all with different stories. A Consumer Relations Manager actually told me – “We filed your claim with our Insurance folks but that’s all we can do – it’s like when the Police Department hands a case off to the FBI – their done.” The individual in the Claims department actually tried to put it back on me by saying, “we’re waiting for you to take pictures of the damage and send it to us”. I now am planning to not only send a letter to Corporate but also hire an Attorney to get to the bottom of this. You can bet that my Family, Friends and Workmates will all know about my experiences with Best Buy and I will certainly never use them for ANYTHING!

  • Fred Stopsky

    I wrote the office of the president of Best Buy. I was contacted by my local store and we finally resolved the problem. I wish you luck on the madness of dealing with the corporate world.
    Have you thought about filing a complaint with your state Attorney General’s office?