Corruption Is Norm In Afghanistan

Integrity Watch Afghanistan recently conducted a survey regarding the existence of corruption within the nation of Afghanistan and results are fairly along the lines of what has been said about this nation for over several years –corruption is the norm, not the exception. The average Afghan family earns about $502 a year and pays out about $156 a year of this income to government officials in order to get a job or secure a service that normally is free in most countries of the world. Overall, an estimated $1 billion yearly goes into the pockets of judges or policemen in order to persuade them to perform their legal responsibilities. According to IWA, “Corruption is weakening the legitimacy of the state,” Of course, according to President Karzai such figures and statements are simply attempts to weaken his power. After all, if you are the head of a nation, doesn’t that mean you can allow corruption to go on and benefit family members?