Corruption Now OK In Afghanistan

The Obama government has decided enough is enough. Instead of fighting to end corruption in Afghanistan, the United States will now accept the reality we are fighting to protect the wealth and interests of a group of men whose only goal is making money. Under a new anti-corruption strategy, the US will not aggressively pursue top Afghan officials who rob the nation blind due to what is termed: “limited judicial capacity.” In plain English that means President Karzai will not allow any interference in daily corruption. After years of pleading with Karzai to crack down on corruption, it has become clear any action against those robbing the government would entail hitting too close to those who support Karzai. This refusal to place on trial senior Afghan officials means corruption will continue, people will continual backing the Taliban since it is the only honest group in the country. In one recent case, Karzai intervened in a case in which a top aide was arrested for corruption. All charges were dropped and the man resumed his position in government.

The bottom line is continued corruption will result in continued growth in power of the Taliban. We can pay the price now of fighting to end corruption, or we can pay the price later of a corrupt government which prevents destroying militant groups. We went through this dilemma in China during 1940s and in Vietnam during the 1960s. In both cases, insurgents triumphed over government forces.