Coup Madness In Venezuela

At this moment in the United States of America the population is focusing upon basketball madness, but in the nation of Venezuela its government has devoted countless hours raising the specter of a coup by members of opposition groups seeking to overthrow its government. President Nicolas Maduro who barely won the presidency after the death of Hugo Chavez has since day one of his securing the position warned about coups, threatened those who dared to oppose him about being members of coup groups, and warned students in the streets who were protesting they were part of a coup to drive him from power. Yesterday, President Maduro uncovered or did not uncovered a plot against his regime.”Last night we captured three generals who tried to raise the air force against the legitimate constitutional government.” He further charged that these plotters had “links with sectors of the population.”

There is no doubt the link with “sectors of the population” refers to political opponents or student leaders of demonstrations. Frankly, we do not know if these generals plotted anything, but we do know that Maduro is frightened and confused. He has no idea how to lead a nation other than beating up opponents or throwing them in jail.