Coup Rumors Circulate In Turkey

The Turkish nation is experiencing extreme stress upon its governmental structures as rumors circulate in the capital regarding alleged plots by military leaders to overthrow the government. Last week, police arrested former generals, academics, journalists and even mafia bosses who belonged to the ultranationalist Ergenekan organization which they claimed was preparing a coup to overthrow the government and crush any movement that favors imposing religious practices. Even as the government moved to crush a potential coup, the Turkish Constitutional Court was hearing closing arguments in the case brought by the Public Prosecutor which seeks to close down the Justice and Development Party(AKP) on grounds it is trying to impose fundamentalist Muslim ideas on the nation.

It is clear there is a trust gap on the part of Turkish secular leaders regarding the intention of the AKP’s goals regarding fostering fundamentalist Muslim customs and beliefs on the population. Prime Minister Erdogan insists “the democratic system is working: but the evidence is overwhelming that distrust and fears are powerful emotions which are dividing secular forces from the government.