Couple Get Heave Ho From Ship!

I am just a poor boy who was raised on the streets of the Bronx in New York City so I do not have much contact with the world of wealthy folk. I certainly can not afford paying out $20,000 to the Cunard lines in order to be on a boat going someplace on what is termed a “cruise.” Ms. Gloria Sher, a Broadway producer, was on this ship with her husband, Frederick Evans, age 91, when they got into an argument with some bozo who informed the world, “there are too many Jews on board” this ship and the delightful Ms. Sher, replied, “Fuck you.” Later that night, the captain of the ship came to their cabin to inform the couple their presence on the ship was no longer desired and they would be confined to the cabin for six days until the ship reached New York City. I was surprised that was the punishment. I thought the two characters would be asked to walk the plank and allow their bodies to make it back home.

Cunard Lines informed the media: “Sir Evans and Lady Sher engaged in multiple incidences and disrespectful and disruptive behavior towards crew members and other guests.” Wow, imagine being knighted for telling someone “fuck you.” As I say, this world sure ain’t mine and I assume my body will never be confined to a cabin.