Court Does Not Affirm Affirmative Action

The United States Supreme Court voted to uphold the right of voters in a state to pass a constitutional amendment which prevents state colleges from using the concept of “race” as A factor in the admission of students. The vote barely passed in Michigan, but to the Justices the issue is whether or not citizens of a state have the right to decide issues of equality. Liberal Justice Stephen Breyer voted with Conservatives and argued, “the Constitution foresees the ballot box, not the courts” as the key factor in resolving “differences” between members of society. Of course, this is the exact OPPOSITE of the Brown vs. Board of Education decision which said Courts had to uphold the rights of citizens, particularly when States denied them their constitutional rights.

Sorry, Justice Breyer, we lived through the era of Senator Joseph McCarthy when individual rights were daily abused by the majority. The Constitution is there to protect people against the acts of the majority when those acts threaten freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.