Court Makes Ass Of Itself!

It is bad enough to live at a time in history in which judges consider that a corporation is a person endowed with constitutional rights of free speech. I believe Justice John Marshall who headed the initial Supreme Court is spinning in his grave with disbelief. I live at a time when Judges regard the right of a Corporation to defend its religious beliefs even if they disregard the rights of employees. But, the New York State Appellate Court now deserves the award for being the top ass holds in the United States of America. The case involved a father who decided to beat up his little kid because the child employed a curse word. This is what these “learned” men came up with:

“The father’s open handed spanking of the child as a form of discipline after he heard a child curse at an adult was a reasonable use of force,and doesn’t constitute excessive corporal punishment.” Huh? A child employed a “word?” Pray tell, how did this child know the word unless an ADULT had used it? The child never hurt another person. Once one proceeds on the road of violence, the end result is MORE violence. The child is being taught to employ violence when angry. THAT is the consequence of any form of corporal punishment. Yes, dad hit the child on his buttocks, but tomorrow that child might hit someone in the face. Or, given modern day America, take out a gun and blast away!