Court Rules Gays Can Not Automatically Discharged

A federal appeals court panel ruled the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law can only be applied after each case is treated as a separate entity. In the case of Maj. Margaret Witt, she was ordered to be reinstated and the court said the facts of her case must be developed to determine if her dismissal furthered the military’s stated goals of military readiness and troop harmony. Judge Ronald M. Gould wrote: “When the government attempts to invade upon the personal and private lives of homosexuals, the government must advance an important governmental interest, the intrusion must significantly further tha interest, and the intrusion must be necessary to further that interest.”

Major Witt served her country and even received a citation from President Bush which praised her “courage” and “airmanship.” She was dismissed based on a tip from an unknown source that she was involved in a love relation with a woman who was a civilian, not a member of the armed forces. It is time to end the unfair and unpatriotic rule about “don’t ask, don’t tell.”