Courts And Rights

Justice Anthony Kennedy who will be part of the Supreme Court that decides the issue of gay rights raised an interesting question when he posed the issue of civil rights and social concerns of society will be decided by “nine unelected people from a narrow legal background” have to say. Fair enough  question. In 1954, the majority of white people in the South preferred a world in which those with black skins could not vote or enjoy equal rights. Today, large numbers of people are denied an equal vote due to laws passed by state legislatures. If one goes by “majority rule” then in many cases, the rights of many will be denied.

There is blatant evidence ranging from national polls to state laws that a majority of Americans want equal rights for gays and lesbians. In seeking equal rights for those Americans it does not take away any rights from those opposing gay marriage. That is the real issue-if granting rights to some does not impair the rights of others then we must accept new definitions of  equal rights.