Cover Up For God

There are many issues which create conflict in the world, but none more divisive but the question of whether or not God demands that all human life cover up their head when going about daily life. For some reason, God wants men and women to cover head when in a house of worship, but when men and women go out, females definitely have to cover the head, but it is not so necessary for men. Nearly a hundred years ago in Turkey, revolutionaries seized power and decided to curb the authority of Muslim clerics. They made it illegal for women to wear headscarves when at school or in public building. Thus was born the great heads carve war which has raged for all these years. A moderate Muslim political party now controls the government and it passed legislation that allows females to cover up the head when in college classrooms or in the parliament of Turkey.

Justice and Development Party Deputy, Canan Canemir Celik addressed the body on Wednesday while wearing her heads carve. We are pleased to report there were no earthquakes, no floods, the Earth still exists and there are no reports of mass rape and desolation. Enough with this silliness.