Cover Up Your Tattoo!

We inhabit a land in which any crazy nut can walk around with a gun in hand or concealed inn order to protect himself against the black shirted FBI or some other federal agency which seeks to take away their freedom to kill self or others. Michael Smith who lives in Maine was fast asleep after working the night shift when he heard noises outside. He walked out with his bare chest and placed hands on his hips. A team had been dispatched to trim branches on his property which might touch power lines. He stood there glaring at the men who had disturbed his peace and quiet. They retreated when they noticed his hands were close to a pistol. The tree men contacted the police who arrived with a squad ready for action. Smith still stood with hands on hips glaring away at the intruders.

Finally, the police noted that Smith did not have a weapon of mass destruction, but he did have a tattoo of a gun which outwardly comes across as a gun in a waistband. Reports are that Michael will keep his tattoo but wear a shirt when out in public.

I wonder if that violates his Second Amendment Rights!!