Cover Your Face In France And Off To Jail!

The French economy confronts serious problems, President Sarkozy just about every day has another scandal emerging including did he or did he not get money from a rich elderly heiress. So, what does the National Assembly decide to discuss– new job proposals, confronting government pensions? Of course not, the real issue facing France is whether to allow the current 1,900 Muslim women who wear a face covering to continue covering themselves up! The vote to ban the niqab and burqa was 335 to one with many Socialist and Communist deputies abstaining. The proposed law makes it a crime for anyone to cover his or her face in public, while shopping, entering a building, and, I assume taking a shit. The cry by supporters is to preserve French culture and the community of those living in the land. Of the estimated five million Muslims about 1,900 women wear either of these garments so it is understandable of the need to have them cease and desist.

A visit to any beach in France reveals women with scanty dress and, in many case, they go about with tops available for anyone to see. Naturally, this is OK since the issue is revealing all. I wonder if women and men will now be asked to drop the bottom half of their garments so we can see the you-know-what parts.

My real question is: If I decide to rob a store or bank and cover my face do I get punished with a fine since I just broke the law forbidding covering faces in public places? Is so, let’s rob banks and pay the fine.

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