Covering Head And God

As I watch the Olympic Games the thought arises as to why Muslim females are not wearing the burqa or niqab and why Jewish boys don’t wear their yarmulka while swimming. I also do not notice Orthodox Jewish females wearing modest clothes while running or  jumping. I understand that religious scholars understand that God ordained we humans should cover our bodies and heads to show respect. It is strange that if God wanted life forms to cover heads as a sign of respect, why didn’t he create animals with hats?

From age 12 the entire concept of covering heads and bodies was confusing to me. I used to wonder if God mentioned some place in the Torah that all males should wear their yarmulkes while taking a shower. I wonder what an alien life form would grasp from the fact human females have to cover the upper part of their bodies, but men do not. We can display our face, but we cannot display our penis or vagina.

My conclusion is life forms from distant planets would never spend much time on this planet since they are completely confused about what must or must not be covered.