Cowardly President Mbeki Denies Zimbabwe Crisis!

Post election violence in Zmbabwe continues as President Mugabe thugs beat up innocent people whose crime is voting the wrong way, but South African President Thabo Mbeki insists there is no crisis in that nation. In a direct contradiction to the leader of the nation, his own party, the African National Congress bluntly said: “it regards the situation in Zmbabqwe as a crisis with negative cosnequences fr the SA Development Community region.” There is widespread feeling in South Africa their president has embarrassed the entire nation by his cowardly comments that ignore the plight of the Zimbabwe people.

Violence in Zimbabwe has escalated as government Zanu-PF militias, with the help of army units, have been going into communities and beating up people who support the opposition Movement for Democratic Change. Gangs of youth militia and “war veterans” armed with sticks and clubs and knives are entering homes, assualting people, burning down houses and creating havoc in order to get across the point everyone must vote for Mugabe or face the consequences.

South Africa for years secured support from the world community in its fight to obtain freedom from white rule. It is a sad commentary that today, yesterday’s heroes have become today’s cowards.