Crawling Is Not That Bad,Do It!

Robert Slayton is a handicapped man who needs a wheelchair. I guess just because he is lucky to be wheeled around all day, this man seems to believe handicapped people are entitled to special privileges that are not accorded we normal humans. I wish that someone wheeled me around, that someone fetched me water and other goodies, but this Slayton guy just is not satisfied. He is upset because New York City taxi cabs are not accessible to those needing special help.

I am a member of the Tea Party and we are sick and tired of all these people demanding “entitlements” like specially designed cabs which allow those in wheelchairs  to get into them. What’s so wrong with crawling into a cab?  OK ,their legs are not working, but they have hands and arms, so use them, for God’s sake and quit whimpering. Mr. Slayton notes that all of the 19,0o0 London cabs are accessible to those with handicaps.

If this Slayton guy doesn’t think America is a wonderful land, why not go to England and live among those who give special entitlements to everyone with a gripe in life!