“Crazy Idea-Tax Millionaires!”

Governor Chris Christie has been under the gun due to charges of criminal behavior regarding events at the George Washington bridge and allegations that his wealthy friends have been receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks, so what else, but return to the idea that all problems in America begin and end with efforts by Socialist Democrats to increase taxes on the wealthy. The state of New Jersey faces a budget hole that must be filled with dollars. Democrats are proposing a TEMPORARY increase in taxes for those earning $1 million or more a year. You can well imagine the horror that would be imposed on someone who earns a million if the EVIL GOVERNMENT made him pay another $25,000 in taxes in order to close the fiscal gap. How in hell could anyone live on an income that is only $975,000 a year! Oh my God, will mom or dad actually have to cook a meal now that we are down to one nanny?

Naturally, Governor Christie blames state employees for all fiscal problems since they pay into a state pension system rather into Social Security and there are gaps in the system. A simple solution would be asking the wealthy to help close the gap. According to Governor Christie, this is a “crazy idea.” His initial solution is not to close the fiscal gap and just let it stand. Talk about a “crazy idea.” Hell, Governor Christie vetoed construction of a new tunnel under the Hudson River which the federal government offered to help pay for. The last time a tunnel was built under the Hudson River was in 1905.

For Christie, the plight of wealthy folk is always the most important issue in his life. That is why his administration has given over one billion dollars in tax breaks to his business friends. Talk about a crazy idea when a state needs money!