Crazy Story Of Year!

Let me offer a synopsis of the craziest story of the year.

A high school cheerleader was raped by a boy named Rakheem Bolton who pleaded guilty to the misdemeanour assault of  HS(the girl) and received two years of probation and community service.

Several months later the young man was playing in  basketball game and came to the foul line to shoot.

Cheerleaders rose to yell in support for the boy.

HS stood with folded arms and refuse to cheer.

The superintendent told HS to leave the gym because she was expected to cheer for the boy who raped her.

HS refused and was expelled from the cheerleader squad.

She sued on grounds of free speech.

Two lower courts said while in the position of cheerleader she acted as the “mouthpiece”of the school.

The Supreme Court upheld lower court decisions and said HS must pay $45,000 legal fees.

On which planet am I living? Who is this superintendent? Is winning a game more important than the emotions and feelings of an abused girl?