Cricket Star Strikes Out

Imran Khan is a famous man who became his nation’s hero on the cricket fields where he excelled doing whatever cricket stars do. I assume he swung his bat and hit the cricket ball or whatever they call the thing that is thrown. He earned millions,  married gorgeous gals and enjoyed the good life. For some reason, he decided the good life included becoming involved in politics and decided t run    for head honcho of the country. The gals no doubt loved him, and even so did some  men. Yesterday, while giving a speech before thousands, he fell down and wound up with two minor fractures of his skull. There was no doubt it was time out time for some tea and biscuits for the star player.

He now is resting comfortably  in a  hospital and his campaign is temporarily halted. It actually turns out recent polls showed he increasingly was falling behind Nawaz Sharif so, most probably, this incident simply allowed him to leave the playing field a tide early. Oh well,  it was a good run.