Crime And Punishment?

The city of New York prides itself on watching people very carefully in order to prevent crime. As far as I know, the thieves who work on Wall Street are not carefully observed in their daily activities. Ramarley Graham, a black skinned boy left a store in his neighborhood and then committed a very serious act, he adjusted his waistband. As anyone on the  NY City Police knows, adjusting one’s waistband is simply evidence that one has a gun  in the waistband. A police car noticed this action and set out a call informing all nearby police cars that the “suspect” might be heavily armed. Police officer Richard Hastes went to the apartment of “the  suspect” and then shot Ramarley dead in front of his six year old brother and his grandmother. No gun was ever found in the apartment.

In one sense, this is the Iraq war in minature. Hastes insists that he was warned about an armed young man. Hastes was stripped of his badge and gun and pleaded Not  guilty to manslaughter charges. Jurors in the Grand Jury were told to disregard whether Haste was under the impression the boy was armed. A new Grand Jury will examine the evidence.

The real unresolved problem is following citizens in their ordinary activities. The real problem is that Wall Street men are NOT followed, only black and Hispanic boys.