Crime And The Immigrant

At the turn of the twentieth century, American newspapers gleefully reported crimes committed by newly arrived Jewish and Italian immigrants charging the United States was being overwhelmed by these new arrivals to the nation. The chief of police in Moscow acknowledges that “many people from other cities who come to work in the capital at the moment when the crisis started found themselves without jobs, but he also noted an increasingly high percentage of crimes committed in Moscow are caused by migrants. Reports also indicate during the past year 116 people were injured and 27 killed as a result of racist attacks on these migrants. A total of 62 attacks on people of “non-Slavic” appearance were registered in the city last year, including 26 murders.

There is nothing new about crime and immigrants. This is common in virtually every city in the world which is experiencing an influx of migrants from other areas. Unfortunately, a world wide recession only makes worse opportunities for immigrants to obtain work. If people are working, crime rates decline.