Crime Of Our Prisons

Once upon a time in America the object was to reduce the number of people residing in jail, but during the past half century we switched to recognizing the more people in prison, the more people with jobs in prisons. The reason we have laws that send people to jail is because the same laws send people into positions of authority that enhace their self imagea as well as enhancing their bank accounts. Federal officials announced that charges have been filed against 18 current or former Los Angeles sheriff deputies who abused the rights of inmates. According to the FBI these crimes “did not take place in a vacuum, in fact they demonstrated behavior that had been institutionalized.” US Attorney Andre Birotte put it bluntly, “The patternof activity alleged in the obstruction of justice case shows how some members of thesheriff’s department considred themselves to be above the law.”

Place a human above another human without any supervision ensures those with power-and weapons– will make impossible the existence of human rights. The charges against these men and women run on and on. They, allegedly, were there to enforce the law, gbut in the end confused “enforce” with benefit for self.