Crime Of The Century!

Texas Governor Rick Perry blasted the new health care act charging it was the most heinous crime committed upon the American people in our history. He told an audience that “if the health care act is forced upon this country, the young men and women in this audience are the ones who will pay the price.” On Tuesday, the first day one could enroll about 2.6 million people decided to allow themselves to become criminals. They enrolled. I find this shocking. Are we to believe that in our beloved America the “government” has the right to force us to become healthy! What next? Obamacare is simply another step on the road to serfdom. First, they forced us to pay for Social Security, then they forced our young men into the armed forces to fight in World War II and Vietnam. I will tell you what is next on the liberal agenda. They will force our workers to accept higher wages even though this will force millionaires to live on salaries of only FIVE MILLION!

Oh, even as Rick spoke Texas officials were negotiating with the Obama administration for $100 million to aid the elderly and disabled. The money comes from the Affordable Care Act!!