Crime Without Punishment

In sharp contrast to the recent SEALS raid which freed a hostage without causing any deaths to Americans or innocent  bystanders, the Iraq War continues to  foster pain and anger among those who supposedly were freed from rule by a dictator. The Iraq government and most people in that land are furious that a US Marine who participated in the massacre of 24 innocent Iraqi civilians has gotten off without any jail time. Staff Sgt. Frank Wultrich is the only one of a squad that killed 24 Iraqi civilians who was actually found guilty. His “punishment” was reduction in rank, but no jail time! His conviction ended a six year prosecution that failed to win any manslaughter convictions-one was aquitted and charges were dropped on the other six.

How does one justify no jail time for anyone who participated in the raid. Sgt. Wultrich admits instructing his force to  “shoot first and ask questions later” after a roadside bomb killed a Marine. Oh, he did apologize for loss of civilian lives. I guess that counts as “punishment”