Criminals Use Get Out Of Jail Pass In Mexico

The young men and women crowded the dance floor shouting expressions of joy and singing along with the music. Suddenly, the door burst open and four men entered the room. Within a few moments they had sprayed over hundred bullets into the crowd leaving 17 people dead and dozens wounded. It remains a mystery why this crowd of youngsters who were dancing in a hotel in the city of Torreon in Mexico were the subject of the deadly assault. As detectives picked through the mess they found bullet casings which came from an AR-15 assault rifle. But, further investigation revealed the rifles came from guards at a prison in the neighboring state of Durango. Detectives concluded that prison guards had been releasing groups of inmates, lending them weapons, and sending them off in official vehicles so they could carry out drug related killings. Four prison officials, including the director, Margarita Rojas and her security chief and now under arrest. This is a fascinating discovery since it raises questions if criminals are now seeking to get into prison in order to secure work as killers.

What next is the real question? We argue the next step is for the United States of America to legalize drugs and place sale of drugs under the control of special government stores. Let’s end opportunities for drug lords to make money. Let’s legalize drugs and shut down these criminal gangs just as ending Prohibition ended the lucrative liquor crime lords.