Crisis Deepens In Zimbabwe

The crisis in Zimbabwe is becoming even more dangerous for the people of that unfortunate land as there is increasing evidence leaders of the Zimbabwe armed forces have, in effect, instituted a coup in order to maintain President Robert Mugabe in power. General Constantine Chiwenga and his fellow thugs have decided the prospect of a democratically elected president who might investigate how military leaders amassed wealth would prove disastrous to their financial affairs. A group of diplomats who were driving to the capital had their vehicles halted at a roadblock, car tires slashed and cell phones confiscated in order to prevent information getting to their embassies.

The official explanation offered by the Zimbabwe government is the diplomats were engaged in handing out political literature to assist in the election of opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai. In the meantime, the government has ordered suspension of distribution of food to the population by Care International and Save the Children Foundation on grounds they were secretly engaged in subversive political activities.