Crisis In Sudan!

The International Crisis Group(ICG) believes there is a crisis brewing in the Sudan which will tear apart the area and result in devastating war and conflict. The ICG predicts if nothing is done it will result in a “violent break-up” of the Sudan and consequences for the stability of neighboring nations. It called upon the international community, “especially the United States” to take action in order to ensure war was avoided. The ICG urged the African Union and the UN to step in and do something to ensure that prior agreements were kept by all sides. There is need for an immediate negotiated peace in order to avoid a horrible war in the region.

Yes, the United States or the UN could take action, but isn’t it time for African nations to assume responsibility for peace on the continent? The African Union and other African organizations stood idly by while President Robert Mugabe killed and brutalized thousands in Zimbabwe and no hand or voice was raised to halt his actions. If the United States had attempted to intervene and protect the people of Zimbabwe, cries of “colonialism” would have echoed down the corridors of every African parliament. It is time for Africans to take care of Africans! It is time for powerful nations like South Africa or Nigeria to assume leadership roles and quit asking America or Europeans to deal with issues that, in the end, must be resolved by Africans!