Cruz Not On Cruz Control

Senator Ted Cruz is a  man of action. He has only been in the Senate for a few months but his name is now well known. He is not one of those “conservatives” who sacrifices principles in the name of accomplishing beneficial laws, the only right thing to do is to fight against “liberals” and terrorists who seek to destroy our nation. He voted against the Violence Against Women bill, he voted against the  confirmation of John Kerry as secretary of defense and he made clear that Chuck Hagel was a traitor to the United States of America. As far as Ted is concerned it is still unclear about that medal Hagel got in Vietman, was it given by the US or  the Viet Cong is his question?

I am old enough to recall the days of Senator Joseph McCarthy, who went Ted one better by accusing the US military for harboring communists and insisted there were too many traitors in the Pentagon. Ted reminds some Republicans of Ronald Reagan, I suspect he is more of a Joe clone. Fire away and at the end of the day have lives destroyed by a demagogue.