Cruz Out Of Control

Senator Ted Cruz from the great state of Texas is among the most fervent defenders of the American way of life. Oh, he was born in Canada, but who cares when it comes to allowing immigrants into our nation who have so much to contribute to our safety. His father, Rafael Cruz was born in Cuba and fled the tyranny of Fidel Castro which automatically confers upon him an expertise in understanding communism that few college professors who waste their time reading books could ever attain. Although there is no evidence he ever studied American history, the fact that he lived under the regime of Fidel Castro automatically confers a degree in US history. Rafael now devotes his time as head of the Purifying Ministries talking with Tea Party folk about how to end the tyranny of Obamism. “He’s no different than that bearded guy I left behind in Cuba.” Obama, the guy who saved Wall Street is nothing other than a secret Marxist!

According to Rafael, if the Republican party does not regain control of the Senate, “I don’t know if we have a country in 2016.” This one man leader of Christianity is the voice of America. As Ted says, “I love my dad, I’m glad to be his son.”

How about sending this alien back to Canada where he came from?