Cruz Spouts Communist Ideas!

Senator Ted Cruz once again displayed his ignorance of history by reciting stories by Dr.Seuss on the Senate floor. I gather that the Harvard graduate does not know that Dr. Seuss was a radical leftist who was sympathetic to communists while drawing cartoons for the leftist newspaper, PM. The Texas senator believes the Affordable Care Act is analogous to Nazi laws which led to the death of millions. He rambled on and on about the health law which provides health care for people. I assume that enabling people to live is somehow related to helping people to die. He went on and on attacking Democrats, the president, fellow Republicans, Nazis, and anyone who dares to oppose his ideas. I think his attitude is more akin to a Nazi than a believer in the US Constitution. If one opposes a law, fight to elect people who would change the law.

At present, Cruz is attacking Senator McConnell as a traitor to conservatism and demands the government be shut down in order to prevent people getting access to health insurance since once a person has health insurance it gives them the strange idea they are entitled to live–courtesy of the government.