Cry Fascism Say Tyrants

In the United States of America our Republican party cries out, “communism” or “socialism” if they do not like an idea proposed by President Obama. In the Ukraine, outgoing President Yanukovych cries, “Fascism” as he departs for other climes, and in Venezuela, President Maduro cries very loudly and very often, the word, “fascism”in order to depict his opponents as evil forces. Members of the Republican party in America do not have any idea as to the meaning of Socialism or Communism. Ironically, it was Republican Presidents like Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft who supported the ideas of an income tax, breaking up monopolies, government aid to education and so on. In 1912 nearly a million Americans voted for Eugene Debs to become president and he ran as a SOCIALIST!

President Maduro in Venezuela came out swinging against protesters charing they were violent people and held terrible ideas. “I’m going to keep protecting the Venezuelan people with the National Guard. If Fascist elements seek to eliminate me, I authorize you to take to the streets to defend the homeland.”

The so-called “fascist elements” are comprised of ordinary citizens and students. His thugs beat up students and pour gasoline over them in the name of law and order.