Cry For Afghanistan

Afghanistan remans the great American experiment that went wrong. After the quick defeat of Taliban forces in the fall of 2001, the Bush administration decided to pay absolutely NO attention to the task of assisting Afghans in the process of creating a viable and democratic government. We can cry for the Åfghan people since there is no government in power that has the slightest interest in its own people. Hammid Karzai and his clique of money mad friends have but one interest-making gobs of money and maintaining their power. Yesterday, hundreds of Talibans attacked Army outposts in eastern Afghanistan, killed over twenty soldiers and demonstrated once again, they are the new power in this sad nation.

The Taliban made clear they have no interest in entering into negotiations with Hamid Karzai or the American government. They are confident that most of rural Afghanistan will shortly be under their control so why talk when their weapons are doing all the talking? Just another American attempt in nation building that went astray.

I guess President Obama will send in the Drones. We already have sent in the clowns.