Cry For Baluchistan

Among the ironic aspects of those in Asia or the Middle East who never cease arguing that Western nations oppress the poor people of the world is how frequently those who lead the poor people of the world oppress their own people. The government of Pakistan was furious when US forces entered their nation and killed Osama bin Laden. The government complained that the sovereignty of Pakistan had been abused and how dare outside forces enter and kill people. It turns out this same government has been oppressing the people of Pakistan. Baluchistan is in the southwest are of Pakistan and it has possessed for decades an opposition movement that seeks to carve out their own nation and separate from Pakistan.

Dozens of activists marched over 2500 miles to the capital of Islamabad seeking to bring their protest to the attention of the media and the world. They had the names of thousands of men and women who had been arrested by Pakistan authorities and never seen again. The marchers provided names and dates as they shouted: “Give him justice” Give Him a Fair Trial.” Naturally, the government promised to investigate what has happened to about 18,000 people.

Ten year old Ali Haidi expressed the feeling of the activists: “My father is in prison. He is in pain. But, we at home are in more pain.”