Cry For My Beloved Country Says Bishop Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu who played an important role in helping his beloved South Africa free itself from decades of segregation and oppression, said he was “hurting” and upset at what has been happening in his country and he has reached the point of wondering if he can even cast a vote in an election for the African National Congress(ANC). He is concerned about other trends such as the rise in support for restoring the death penalty. Many thoughtful South Africans are upset at recent events in the ANC which resulted in the forced resignation of President Mbeki and his replacement with a stand-in for Jacob Zuma who is expected to win the next presidential election.

But, for Tutu, the events earlier this year in which mobs ran wild killing and beating up immigrants was a shock and there is sadness that his beloved country harbors individuals who have so much hatred they are willing to beat up, and, if need be, kill innocent people because they were not born in South Africa.

“I am hurting for the a country I love deeply and I am trying to do what I can. I am not impotent. This is a cry from the heart.”

Tutu is expressing a cry from his heart, but as long as people such as Jacob Zuma remain politically powerful. Tutu’s cries will remain unanswered.