Cry For Syria!

The Arab world is slowly awakening to the tragedy which is unfurling in Syria. Even King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, hardly the proponent of freedom and peace for those who oppose governments, has been compelled to issue a severe condemnation of the Assad regime in Syria. He called for an end to “the killing machine  and bloodshed” which has left 300 dead just during the past few days. “Any sane Arab, Muslim or anyone else know this has nothing to do with religion or ethics or morals.”

Syrian troops are blasting their way from one city to the next. Hundreds are dead in the city of Deir el-Zour and according to one human rights activist, “the city was bombed by all heavy weapons and machine gun fire.” Even the passive Arab League is beginning to stir by expressing concern for the slaughter of the innocent in Syria. We call for action:

1. Israel should open its borders and allow Syrians to enter with the promise of food and shelter.

2. A hundred thousand Arab college students should march into Syria to join hands with their oppressed brothers and sisters.

3.  The UN should authorize planes to enter Syrian skies and prevent helicopters from flying.

Stand with our Syrian brothers and sisters!