Cry For Venezuela

Historically, the country of Venezuela was dominated by a higher class who regarded it was natural for those with wealth and the right social connections to run the nation and ignore those in poverty. This led to the arrival of Hugo Chavez over a decade ago. Hugo pushed forth his “Socialist” program of providing the poor greater access to government jobs and financial support. In the process of redistributing wealth, it led to a government in which the new elite consisted of those with power in the party and members of the military who were bribed with money and goodies to retain power for supporters of Chavez.

Chavez died a couple of years ago and was replaced by Nicolas Maduro, a poor speaker as well as an incompetent leader. The country has been plagued by rising inflation and a shortage of goods with all ills blamed on the Collusus of the north, America. Maduro just barely got elected and he has put the squeeze of those who oppose his brand of dictatorship. Thousands flocked to the streets in protest at the collapse of the economy and he has blamed this outburst of reality as a plot by opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez working with the CIA.

Sorry Nicolas, our CIA could not organize a rebellion of Boy Scouts. This is simply President Maduro using his power to buy off the people and end democracy. Lopez surrendered to the police. “I have nothing to hide. I present myself to an unjust judiciary. May my jailing serve to wake up a people.”

Sorry, this is one time those from the upper class have more class than those from the lower class.