Cry For Venezuela

Juan Resquesen is a nice college boy living in Venezuela who at the moment is not in a student dorm but at home with mom and dad while he zooms around Caracas on his motorcycle organizing students and giving speeches to his fellow students. His goal is to get President Nicolas Maduro to lay off the rough stuff, free those who are in jail for the crime of not liking the current nation’s leader, and proceed with creating a modern stable and effective government. He has been urged by the government to head for the western state of Tachira where students have erected barriers in the streets in protest against a government that lacks any sense of how to run a country so that people can actually go to stores and purchase food and at least one roll of toilet paper. These days one would give my kingdom in Venezuela for some paper to wipe my ass.

Juan has been urged by some students to engage in violence, but he seeks to establish an alliance with poor people in order to get rid of Maduro without violence. At this point 22 are dead and a few hundred wounded. Frankly, Maduro is scared shitless since he has no idea how to run an economy and Cuba is hardly a model on economic effectiveness.