Cry Rape, Cry In Jail!

The government of Muammar Gaddafi has high standards as to who can accuse anyone of the crime of rape. Last week a Libyan woman, Al-Obeidi told western journalists that she had been halted at a check point and raped by soldiers who were loyal to Headman Gaddafi. Musa Ibrahim, a government spokesman, told the media, “accusing someone of a sex crime in a conservative society like ours is a serious matter. She gave the names of the people she accused of raping her and they have lodged a complaint for defamation and calumny against her.”

The Gaddafi government is very sensitive to issues of violation of the law. Last week, Ibrahim told the media, ‘according our information she was drunk. We are trying to find out who she is, who her family is, and whether she was really ill-treated or if it was all just fantasy.” He does raise an important point. If we allow women to go around accusing those who rape her of being rapists, what will eventually happen in society? Women will finger anyone, accuse them of rape and men in Libya will spend their lives in court.

One minor question for Mr. Ibrahim: If this young lady was halted at a check point by strange men, how the hell does she know their names? As they stopped the woman, did each man introduce himself, provide name, rank and serial number? On the other hand, perhaps, the mercenaries hired by Gqaddafi are men of pride who want women they rape to know their names!