Cry The Beloved Country For Your Indifference!

Several weeks ago South Africa witnessed mobs of angry people who vented their anger on innocent foreigners living and working in South Africa. In the resulting violence dozens were killed and thousands driven from their homes. These people now hover on the edge of cities seeking some form of assistance from the South African government which, as of this point, has not been too helpful. A pregnant woman was beaten as she sat on the floor of the eThekwini municipality and sent to the hospital after repeated blows to her stomach. A group of about a 100 refugees are camped out desperately seeking some aid after losing their homes, possessions and jobs due to mob action. Amsi Wilondga, pleaded that “we have no homes to go to and we are not safe in areas where we used to live. We will stay here because the government brought us here and they must help us.”

As the group huddled together seeking comfort, angry, nasty bystanders shouted insults like, “Fuck off back to Zimbabwe and vote for Tsvangirai.” The comment was in reference to the presence of over a million Zimbabweans who have fled violence in their native homeland.

“Cry the Beloved Country” was a novel about South Africa under apartheid. Now, those who were oppressed have no sympathy for the next group to be brutalized.