Cry The Beloved Country Of Congo

Former President George Bush was determined to spread democracy in the world, but for some strange reason ignored an opportunity to offer democracy to a region that hungered for peace and security. The Congo has witnessed the death of over four million during the past ten years and rape of untold thousands of women. In the latest episode, Rwandan and Congolese rebels gang-raped 200 women– and even some baby boys– over a four day period while UN peacekeepers kept their peace. UN workers knew rebels had occupied the town of Luvungi and were within a few miles of the impacted area, but no patrols were sent out to check on what was happening in the town. A UN peacekeeping unit was about twenty miles away, but rebel forces blocked the road in order to prevent villagers from leaving. About 200 or so rebels entered the village and proceeded to rape women. There was no fighting and not deaths, just battered and damaged women who will never forget their ordeal.

Women reported being raped in front of children and husbands and days later women are still returning from jungle areas in naked and battered conditions. There are no helicopters wandering in the skies to oversee the lives and safety of Congolese people. For some reason, Bush and neo-conservatives never thought these people might be receptive to democracy. They are just the oppressed and victims in a world that is filled with anger and hate. I wonder if those shouting at the World Trade Center about a mosque ever would spend a moment worrying about women being raped?