Cry The Beloved Country Of Syria

Death has yet to take His annual holiday due tp efforts of President
Bashar al–Assad in Syria. The son of a mass murderer has decided to out do dad in the killing department. Within a week, 78 were murdered in one village, 17 the next day and  last night Damascus was rocked by violence. There are increasing signs that violence in Syria is entering a new  phase. Opposition forces will be focusing on urban tactics during the coming months. This means suicide cars, ambush of Syrian soldiers, bombs in restaurants which cater to those supporting Assad and attepts on his life. We  are witnessing a shift from anger and words to anger and bombs.

The Fire Next Time will not be poorly protected Syrians passively enduring beatings and murder. There are now sufficient numbers of Syrians ready to risk death because they are tired of allowing Alawite thugs to kill and kill without punishment. We can expect attacks in Alawite villages.

Assad once had an opportunity to remain in power, today, it is either flee or death for him. The fire next time will burn fiercely.