Cry The Beloved Country Of Zimbabwe!

The silence of African leaders regarding the tragedy of Zimbabwe is deafening but it can not block out the screams and agony of thousands of innocent victims of the Robert Mugabe tyranny which has transformed a vibrant economy into a desert of treeless desolation. While the pseudo defender of democracy rants on and on about colonialism, thousands are dying of starvation and the cholera figure has now passed 1,500. Lawyers for dissident leaders who have been imprisoned by Mugabe are asking the Zimbabwe High Court to declare the president in contempt for destroying the nation. Dozens of opposition leaders and activists have been jailed for daring to oppose Mugabe’s dictatorial regime and there are even reports of a two year old in jail. His crime, undoubtedly, was crying without permission of the one and only leader.

Naturally, Mugabe is trying to prove opponents have plotted to overthrow his government. Of course, opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai actually won the only free election only to have it voided by Mugabe.

At this point in time, there are no more words to describe the horror of Zimbabwe under Mugabe. Thousands are currently marching to protest Israel attacks on Gaza, but who is marching for the people of Zimbabwe? Silence….