Cry the Beloved Country… Of Zimbabwe

Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Great Britain has been leading the fight to end the tyrannical regime of President Mugabe of Zimbabwe, but for some reason he has yet to inform his Home Office of the true nature of the thug who is in control of Zimbabwe. On April 11, he said: “I am appalled by the signs that this regime is again resorting to intimidation and violence.” But, even as he spoke, the Home Office was attempting to send 11,000 asylum seekers in the UK back home to the intimidation and violence the Home Office apparently doesn’t believe exists. Many asylum seekers have received letters from the British government stating bluntly, “you must leave the United Kingdom… there is no right to appeal against this decision.”

John Waite of the Independent Asylum Commission says Zimbabwean refugees in Britain are destitute and he daily encounters stories of them sleeping in parks or on a friend’s sofa since they lack money and are afraid to ask for official assistance.

What has happened to the Socialist heritage of the British Labor Party? The Labor Party once stood solidly behind the right of people to be free of tyranny. Gordon Brown and his party have lost their souls and it is no wonder his popularity ratings have sunk to new lows.