Cry The Beloved Syrians

Bashar al-Assad is the son of man who killed ten thousand people in his own country who dared to oppose his rule in the 1980s so it is not surprising that his child is ready to kill thousands more in the land of Syria. The town of Deraa is on the border with Jordan and over the weekend thousands of troops entered the city to make certain no one could flee from the Assad violence into the safety of Jordan. According to eye witnesses there are dead bodies in mosques and homes.

One person described the scene, “they are entering houses, they are searching. They are carrying knives and guns.”It is clear Bashar seeks to make his father come across as a saint by killing anyone who dares oppose his rule. A manifesto signed by 102 writers and journalists called upon their president to cease this endless round of killing and listen to voices crying for freedom.

Tanks are moving through city streets, thousands of soldiers are rounding up people and taking them away to prisons. The rattle of gunfire echoes through Syrian streets but there is no help from outside the walls of their national prison.

We are most distressed at failure of Muslims to come out into the streets of their cities and protest in the name of Syrians who are being killed. Of course, if some nut case in Florida burned a Koran thousands would be ready to kill. But, when hundreds of fellow Muslims are being killed, the sound of silence echoes in the streets of Muslim nations. WHERE ARE THE IMAMS??