Cuba Will Not Surrender To Democracy!

Fifty years ago a dream was born and died in its infancy, the dream of a free and democratic Cuba in which ideas could be expressed with imprisonment or torture. Fidel Castro led an army whose goal was to end the bestial regime of the dictator Batista and its abuse of human rights. Fast forward fifty years and Fidel and his bother Raul are still in power, after all, if you believe in human rights doesn’t that mean the Castro brothers are supposed to rule indefinitely? The Cuban Communist government is under extensive pressure from human rights groups over the imprisonment of writers and dissident authors. On February 23, Orlando Zapata Tamayo died after a hunger strike in his strike to further freedom in his land. The only response from Raul Castro was his communist government will not yield to “blackmail.”

The Castro boys have forgotten everything that advocated before they obtained power. Raul ranted against western powers and made clear “we will never yield to the blackmail of any country or group of countries, no matter how powerful they may be.” Unfortunately, the power of freedom has long left the heart and soul of the Castro boys. All that remains is a poor imitation of the dictator, Batista.